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Utah Court Improvement Program - 2018

"Left us with good questions for ourselves about how we are treating everyone on the team."

"Travis always does a good job and using literature helps show relevance to our practice in juvenile court."

"This presentation challenged some of our long-held beliefs and assumptions and helped demonstrate the need for an expanded understanding of parental defense.  I felt that I left this session with a greater desire to work with the parents and see them as partners rather than as just recipients of services."

"I liked the approach and format.  Dovetailed well with the speaker before on resilience."

"The parental defense topic  was something I had not heard and made me look at that prospective . . . which I appreciated."

"Mr. Marker's presentation was wonderful.  The best ethics presentation I have attended in my 15 years with the bar."

"Loved this presentation and Mr. Marker presented masterfully."

"I appreciate Travis Marker's presentation.  It was well done."

"Very entertaining and insightful."

"You presented your topic very well and it was a helpful topic to be discussed.  Thank you!"

"I did end up liking the presentation.  It took a while to really know what he was talking about.  But it all came together and was great success.  Great job!"

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