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State Supreme Court Justices
Chief Justice Edwin J. Peterson 

Oregon Supreme Court 

Chief Justice Nancy Saitta

Nevada Supreme Court

Justice Brian L. Burgess

Vermont Supreme Court


Justice Jack L. Landau

Oregon Supreme Court

Juvenile Court Judges
Hon. Janice L. Frost

2nd District Juvenile Court, Utah


Hon. Thomas M. Higbee

5th District Juvenile Court, Utah


Hon. Michael Leavitt

5th District Juvenile Court, Utah

Hon. Karla Staheli 

5th District Juvenile Court Judge, Utah

Federal Courts
Hon. Ralph Erickson

D.ND. (federal trial judge), North Dakota

Hon. William Zuger

Judge Four Affiliated Tribes and former Chief Judge Standing Rock Reservation

Hon. James Burke

Administrative Law Judge, New Mexico

State Court Judges and Commissioners
Hon. Geoffrey Crawford

District Court Judge, Vermont


Hon. Thomas Kay

2nd District Court, Utah


Hon. Gordon Low

1st District Court Judge, Utah 


Hon. James Shumate

5th District Court Judge, Utah


Hon. W. Brent West

2nd District Court Judge, Utah


Com. Catherine Conklin

2nd District Court, Utah



“So nice to attend a CLE where the instructor elicits so much spirited, enthusiastic class participation!  Also wonderful to have an instructor who speaks fluently of the intersection of the literature, history, philosophy, theology and law.”  Pittsburgh, 2016.

“Law school ruined leisure reading for me.  I’m slowly finding a willingness to get back into it.  Your program was very engaging and those works I was unfamiliar with are now on my list.”  Milwaukee, 2014.

“This was a very enjoyable, thought provoking, educational seminar.  Thank you!”  San Diego, 2015.

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