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"Outstanding exposition on due process." Newport, RI, 2018.

"Excellent! Thank you! Great Job! I will come again!" Newport, RI, 2019.

"Unique presentation." Newport, RI, 2018

"Great topics for discussion. Good use of film clips." Providence, RI, 2019

"Great as Always."  Newport, RI, 2019.

Rhode Island

"Wonderful!  Refreshing & thought provoking." Newport, RI, 2018

"My third time & I'll come again.  A deep dive into ethical mines of a wide variety using great literature.  Wonderful seminar. " Newport, RI, 2019.

"Very interesting."  Newport, RI, 2018.

"Loved the excerpts from the Ulysses decision." Providence, RI, 2019

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