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Arizona: Phoenix

Georgia: Marietta, Atlanta, Savannah

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Montana: Billings

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Wellsboro, Harrisburg, Doylestown, Philadelphia

Oregon: Salem, Ashland

Rhode Island: Newport

Utah: Saint George, Park City

Vermont: Burlington


California: San Diego, Sacramento,

San Francisco, Oakland 

Georgia: Marietta, Decatur, Macon, Savannah

Idaho: Boise, Idaho Falls

Illinois: Chicago

Indiana: South Bend

Louisiana: Shreveport, Lafayette, New Orleans

Massachusetts: Boston

Montana: Billings

Nevada: Las Vegas, Reno (2)

North Carolina: Fayetteville, Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte

North Dakota: Bismarck, Fargo

Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh (2), Wellsboro (2), Harrisburg, Philadelphia (2)

Rhode Island: Warwick, Providence

Texas: Houston

Utah: Salt Lake City, Provo, Logan, Saint George, Park City

Vermont: Burlington

Washington: Seattle Tacoma

Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee

Wyoming: Jackson Hole (2)


Nebraska: Omaha
Wisconsin: Milwaukee
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa
Idaho, Boise
Georgia: Atlanta (2), Athens, Macon, Savannah
Louisiana: New Orleans (2)

Nevada: Las Vegas
North Dakota: Fargo

Oregon: Portland
Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, Philadelphia (2), Pittsburgh
Rhode Island: Warwick, Providence
Vermont: Burlington
Washington: Seattle (2)
Wyoming: Cheyenne (2), Jackson Hole
Utah: Salt Lake City (2), Zion/Springdale, Ogden, Saint George


Arizona: Phoenix
Florida: Miami
Indiana: South Bend
Nevada: Las Vegas
New York: Saratoga Springs
Oregon: Salem, Ashland, Portland
Utah: Ogden, Provo, Saint George (2), Salt Lake City, 
Vermont: Burlington


Georgia: Marietta, Atlanta (2), Columbus, Macon, Savannah

Florida: Jacksonville, Orlando(2), 

Tampa (2), Miami (2)

Idaho: Boise

Louisiana: Shreveport, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans

North Carolina: Wilmington (2), Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

Oregon: Ashland, Portland

Pennsylvania: Philadephia

Rhode Island: Providence, Warwick

Utah: St. George, Salt Lake City (2), Logan

Virgin Islands: St. Croix

Vermont: Burlington

Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee

Wyoming: Jackson Hole


California: San Diego (2), Seal Beach

Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa

Georgia: Atlanta (2), Savannah

Idaho: Boise, Blackfoot

Louisiana: New Orleans (2), Shreveport

Montana: Great Falls

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg

Rhode Island: Warwick

Utah: Park City,Salt Lake, Springdale (Zion NP)

Vermont: Burlington

Washington: Olympia

Wisconsin: Green Bay, Madison (2), Milwaukee

Wyoming: Cheyenne


Florida: Jacksonville
Idaho: Boise
Indiana: South Bend
Louisiana: New Orleans
Nevada: Las Vegas
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
Oregon: Ashland, Eugene, Portland
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
Utah: Cedar City, Salt Lake City (2)
Texas: Houston (2)
Vermont: Brattleboro, Burlington
Washington: Seattle
Wisconsin: Eau Claire, Green Bay (2), Madison (2), 
Milwaukee (2)
Wyoming: Laramie

Oct 31 2015 004
July 1 2016 088
July 1 2016 080
July 1 2016 091
July 1 2016 047
Oct 31 2015 366
Oct 31 2015 413
Oct 31 2015 646
Oct 31 2015 903
Oct 31 2015 868
Oct 31 2015 850
Oct 31 2015 701
Oct 31 2015 700
Oct 31 2015 221
Oct 31 2015 004
Conference View
Mayhall, Jr., Van Square

"I enjoyed the inter-activity among participants, which is unusual for CLE presentations, that are mostly lecturer-presented.  I enrolled in this program because I was intrigued by the use of The Merchant of Venice and Twelve Angry Men.  I was not disappointed and will recommend this program to colleagues.  Great Job!"  Oakland, 2016.

"The concept of lawyers learning literature to better understand their role in society and justice is great!"  Burlington, VT, 2016

"This was a creative and fun way to cover these topics.  The trainer did a good job engaging the audience and presenting the material." Sacramento, 2016.


Saint George, Utah

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