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Georgia 2019

"Very well presented."  Decatur, 2019

"I've been to several of these and enjoy." Atlanta, 2019

"Provocative! Paradigm shifting. Revolutionary."  

Decatur, 2019.

"More interesting than usual CLE."  Marietta, 2019

"Appreciate the work you put into these presentations."  Marietta, 2019

"Great discussions and tie-ins to the Noble Lie and the   deficiencies in 'justice.'"  

Decatur, 2019.

"Intriguing."  Decatur, 2019

"Good discussion related to children's 'legal' rights vs best interest of the children."  

Decatur, 2019.

"Interesting contrast to today."  Decatur, 2019

"Wish I had paid more attention to these offerings before.  Very much enjoyed this entire presentation!Decatur, 2019

"Excellent. Thought-provoking."  Decatur, 2019

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