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Greg Abel
Donna Adler
Kelly Anderson
Stephen Allred
Vincent Anderson
Rachel Alexander
Brent Ashworth
Keith Backman
Kathryn Ball
Dianne Balmaine
Alison Bell
Lynn Boughey
Alan Boyack
Ted Boyack
Ellyn Bullock
Lee Marc Burg
Gregory Canle
Vaughn Carney
Richard Casper
Lisa Chaldize
Patrick Chapin
Michael Cohen
Stephanie Conlon
Dan Cory
Jennifer Cranston
Melonie Crawford
Donald Dalton
Ryan Davidson
Michael Dendy
Charolett Dennet
Louis DiLeo
Bryce Dixon
Timothy Dudley
Leonard DuBoff
Douglas Dumbrill
Sonia Dunbar
Keen Ellsworth
Fiona Farrell
Barbara Friend
Danielle Goucher
Keith Grady
Jake Graff
Tom Hall
Clay Hill
Kathryn Holt
Terry Hutchinson
Don Iannuzi
Matthew Jeffs
Lucinda Jones
Harriet King
Joshua King
Leslie Klinger
Jean Krause
Andrew (and Amelia) Kynaston
Robert Lathem
Mike Leavitt
Michael Mallon
Melissa Manrow
Phillip Margolin
Van Mayhall, Jr.
Jim Maxwell
Jeff McKenna
Lee Morin
L. J. O'Neale
Solveig Overby
Adriana Pereya
Meridith Ragains
Darren Richards
Randy Richards
Jennifer Rood
Marilee Ryan
Katina Saint Marie
Stephen Saltonstall
Hank Schwaeble
Timothy Spencer
Renee Taylor
Jeff Todd
Chad Utley
Jasmine Vasavada
Lori Volkman
Kristin West 
Neil Wilkinson
Wendy Willis
Michael Whitty
Marshal Willick
Kent Winward
Ron Yengich
Christian Yoder
Bill van Zyverden


"The concept of lawyers learning literature to better understand their role in society and justice is great!"  Burlington, VT, 2016

"All the presenters were well prepared.  The two days of presentations went by really quick, was not boring.  Thanks."  Park City, UT, 2016.

"Always a great time.  Enjoy the discussion and your choices/framework.  See you next year." Philadelphia, 2016.

"This was a creative and fun way to cover these topics.  The trainer did a good job engaging the audience and presenting the material." Sacramento, 2016.

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