Travis Marker

"Presenter is very well read."  San Diego, CA, 2016.

"Loved this presentation and Mr. Marker presented masterfully." Utah CIP, 2018.

"Mr. Marker is a great presenter, is very engaging, and does a great job incorporating the audience into the program." New Orleans review, 2018

“Eloquent and entertaining speaker.”  Providence, RI, 2014.

“Travis Marker was a good facilitator of discussion.”  San Diego, 2015.

“The instructor was excellent – entertaining and thought provoking.”  Milwaukee, 2014.

"Mr. Marker's presentation was wonderful.  The best ethics presentation I have attended in my 15 years with the bar." Utah CIP, 2018.

"Travis Marker was a most excellent teacher.  I truly enjoyed his style. . . . I wish there were more of these CLEs for me to take ASAP.  Great conversation stimulated by Mr. Marker." Wilmington, NC, 2016.

“Great communicator.”  New Orleans, 2015.

"Travis does such a good job.  I like it better when he is the sole presenter."  Park City, Utah, 2016.

"Presenter engaged people well." Milwaukee, WI, 2016.

"Excellent program and presenter."  New Orleans, 2014.

"Travis always does a good job and using literature helps show relevance to our practice in juvenile court." Utah CIP, 2018

"I appreciate Travis Marker's presentation.  It was well done." Utah CIP, 2018

 “Presenter very personable.”  Boise, 2014.

"This was a creative and fun way to cover these topics.  The trainer did a good job engaging the audience and presenting the material." Sacramento, 2016.

"I like the presenter’s enthusiasm.”  Milwaukee, 2014.