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Pennsylvania 2019

"Candidly, I chose this course because I needed the hours, and I wanted to find something interesting.  However, this was one of the best courses I have ever attended, because this course encourages you to think about our humanity as lawyers, and as lawyers finding ways to make our world a better place.” Pittsburgh, 2019.

"Best CLE I've attended in approx. 20 years." Doylestown, 2019

"Great Job!”  Pittsburgh, 2019.

"Good Job!”  Mansfield, 2019.

"I don't do a lot of construction law; appreciated discussions on other areas as they came up."  Mansfield, 2019.

"All in all, interesting issues. Discussions."  Mansfield, 2019.

"Learned a lot of Banana History, will read 100 years!"  Mansfield, 2019.

"Best I've ever attended!"  Pittsburgh, 2019.

"I will read 100 Years of Solitude"  Mansfield, 2019.

"Relevant today.  Excellent topic. Great Job!"  Mansfield, 2019.

"Must Read Pudd'n Head Wilson"  Doylestown, 2019.

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