Jun 8, 2017

Upcoming Conferences

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Tomorrow we start two days in Ashland. It's been a while since we were back in Ashland. It will be a fun experience!

Two conferences that have really become treats are Providence, RI, and Burlington, VT. Rhode Island has a consistently amazing audience. Last June we had 80 attendees. We have a wonderful time every June and December! The conversation is always lively and fun!


Regarding Burlington, this is an intellectual heavy weight event. We have been returning for the last five years. The subject matter is always greatly enlarged by the life experience and academic studies of the lawyers who attend.


In all three conferences, Ashland, Providence, and Burlington, are in beautiful locations! If you need any incentive to go on a vacation, these spots should provide all that might be needed as excuses!

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  • scrivernsquill11
    Oct 28

    We had an excellent time in Ashland. We'll need to work on the lunch accommodations, but I think the rest of the process was enjoyable and engaging. It was wonderful to have a previous attendee from our Tacoma event join. I'd like to commend those who were willing to play the jurors in the 12 Angry Men program. It's always a favorite for me! It was a real pleasure for me in that I was able to take my daughters with me. We were able to get to the California coast for two days before enjoying time in Medford and Ashland. On places to eat, the Great American Pizza Company joint was a success both nights. They have great service, excellent pizza, and fun staff!